JOBS 180 offers paid apprenticeships in two career fields: the bike and restaurant industries. However, we realize that some (if not many) of our apprentices may not pursue careers in these fields.

That’s why, when we started our program, we thought it was important to ask the question: what are the vital characteristics needed to be successful in almost every career field?

In pursuit of an answer to that question, we of course spoke to experts in both the bike and restaurant industries. But we also branched out to other fields and spoke to educators, business leaders, military veterans, and entrepreneurs.

In our conversations with representatives from these fields, some trends emerged. Almost every employer talked about the need to maintain a positive attitude; many made reference to a healthy work ethic; and the need for dependable employees came up time and time again.

We synthesized these the trends in these conversation into five core values that shape how we train our apprentices. We believe that apprentices who truly take hold of these core values will be successful in any career they choose.

Below are the five core values of the JOBS 180 program:

  1. We take initiative. We always make the first move when it’s time to do a task or job that will help the business in some way. Whether it’s sweeping floors, wiping down counters, or brainstorming ways to increase business, we don’t wait to be asked or told.
  2. We come ready to work. Early is on time and on time is late. When we show up for work, we are in proper attire and ready to begin the job. When we’re at work, we work.
  3. We come ready to learn. We desire to improve in our craft and grow in our abilities. We love asking questions of each other and seeking out pro-tips and best practices.
  4. We have positive attitudes. We know that attitudes are contagious and we choose to spread the good vibes. We are excited about the work we get to do and we do it with a smile.
  5. We are dependable. We can be trusted with big and small tasks. You can count on us to show up when we are scheduled or provide advanced notice when emergencies arise.