In the past two years, since JOBS 180 started, we’ve been hosting apprentices at our bike shop and cafe, developing job readiness skills with young people. This fall we expanded our program by starting a cohort model: eight young people simultaneously began apprenticeships at different locations as the first JOBS 180 Cohort.  Six apprentices are at GoodTurn Cycles, one is at CAFE 180, and one is working on marketing projects for our parent organization, One Good Turn.

These eight young people will spend the next three months acquiring job experience and developing career readiness traits that are valuable in any job setting.

Our apprentices come from all over the Metro Denver area. Some are high school students, others are recent graduates. Some have a clear idea of what career track they want to pursue, others are searching. Some have job experience, others are earning a paycheck for the first time. Most of our apprentices come to us through partner organizations such as the School to Work Alliance Program or the Denver Public School Family and Community Engagement team.

Another recent addition to the program is that each apprentice is paired with a JOBS 180 mentor who meets with them weekly for the duration of their apprenticeship. This mentor/mentee relationship is designed to provide support and encouragement to our apprentices as they progress through the program. (If you’re interested in learning more about being a JOBS 180 Mentor, contact us today!)

The first JOBS 180 cohort kicked off with an orientation (pictured here) that focused on team-building activities and setting expectations for the apprenticeship. Our first cohort will last until last until mid-December. We’re eager to see how these apprentices grow during their apprenticeship, and hopeful about where the journey goes next for them.

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